Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i need a new winter coat.

Pick which one you like best pls. k thx.

If you are in Brooklyn and you need flowers or soap go to Saipua

This is my coworker Julie's friend. Some of the most amazing flower arrangements I've ever seen.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

p. runway

I have to be honest, this season of project runway was a little disappointing to me. I guess last year just thrived on a plethora of likable personalities such as Sweet Pea, Chris Marsh and of course wonder boy Christian S. I found more people annoying on this season than likable (ie: Blayne - stop putting licious on the end of every word - maybe you should create outfits for the pussycat dolls where they would gladly accept the shitty words you make up, Suede - stop speaking in third person your designs suck and so do you, and Kenley- stop being a raging bitch) Then on top of the annoying they had boring persona's like winner Leanne, Terry, and Keith. Blahhh

Below are my best and worst picks of each of the collections from the top three finalists.

Korto, my personal fav had the most consistently awesome creations through out the season was a huge disappointment in the finale. Her clothes were over constructed and at the same time a little mundane.

Fav Pick

Worst Pick

Kenley I personally think killed the runway show. Everything was adorable, different, and she hand painted all of her printed garments. Auhmazing. But again her personality is bitchy and she is rude to Tim Gunn.

Fav Pick:

Worst Pick:

Leanne (winner) was inspired by waves (as you can blatantly see below). She went a little over the top with them but every one of her garments was beautifully constructed and the colors were cohesive and natural, oh and she uses all organic materials. so tight.

Fav Pick:

Worst Pick (still not bad though):

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

is this awesome?


scarf season is back

I'll take a Valentino or Gucci (anything Italian) please.

Dancing in the Dark

when did b. Springsteen get so hot? oh yeah in 1984 when i was 1.

i wish mike dressed like that sometimes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

big daddy

If i had a store i would totally name it Little Mamma Lu's, why not? Only i don't think i would promote Doral cigs.


i plan on taking a honeymoon every year for the rest of my life.

why a wedding?

A wedding is something i never knew i needed or wanted until it actually happened.

As soon as mike asked me i couldn't wait to get married but not for the wedding. Let's face it, weddings can totally blow sometimes. You feel an obligation to go, it wastes and entire day of your weekend, and you have to give a gift. I was not a fan. The only driving force that made us actually spend the money and plan the wedding was because we have amazing friends and family that we wanted to celebrate it with. The planning sucked the anxiety sucked and the money sucked. Designing the dress, picking the shoes and wearing my siiiccckkk head piece was all i looked forward to... oh and spending the rest of my life with my boo of course. BUT when all was said and done it was the happiest day of our lives because everyone important to us was there and they all looked awesome...and we partied. Totally worth every second of everything.

DONE and DONE! Now i want all my friends to get married too.

i would like Louboutins but Nine west will suffice

Christian Louboutin <3<3

Nine West <3

I bought these puppies yesterday for $79.00. They elongate my legs a million miles and will look so cute with tights and high waisted skirt come this winter.