Thursday, March 31, 2011


i'm sorry i haven't blogged anything remotely interesting in a while (or ever). here is a list of things happening in my life besides blogging 1) we got cable 2) watching intervention 3) watching real housewives (ugh i know) 4) eating 5) cuddling a puppy 6) reading a heart breaking work of staggering genious. i like it. 7) soccer. we WON our first game. team prism is going to kill it this season 8) partying (too much) i feel like a peice of shit 9) read "wind up bird"....rrrrllly good. 10) got a subscription to vogue, interview and smithsonian mags. 11) going to richmond and spending time with my little sisters (anna and ashley) who are both growing up and becoming real women. 12) started a new job 13) i'm going to be here in 46 dayz

Tuesday, March 1, 2011