Friday, June 24, 2011


i'm a member of the cloud appreciation society
do you even know what a cirro-cumulus cloud looks like?

now you do. you're welcome


These two chicks make amazing furniture. Most of which are restoration pieces.

when i come across craftiness like this i get a sort of surge of motivational and creative impulse. after the initial surge relents my mind then ponders the logistics and then soon after my illusion is shattered by reality. where will i find the time, $$$, and space to do these creative impulses?? which one of my "ideas" will i actually be good at? will it even be successful? then i let my dreams die. washed away by the tidal wave of responsibility and everyday routine. this is so stupid of me! why do i do that? because i'm lazy? because i don't think i'm as creative and talented as i would like to be? because i'm afraid of rejection and failure? because i think i could never be like the people i look up to? this is obviously my biggest problem.
this is probably a lot of peoples problem.
stop it. everyone fails, everyone sucks at stuff. but you can't suck at everything all the time. ok.

Sunday, June 12, 2011