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Television in the UK

I've become so enamored with British television lately. First with 'the IT crowd' which is a hilarious sitcom based on the these IT dorks that work in the basement of this large corporation who have a woman boss who knows nothing about computers, or cares. It's pretty much a summary of my work life. I work with two huge computer nerds in a cave, essentially.

The next one is a mash up of 'The O.C.' meets 'My So Called Life' meets 'KIDS'. Which is the most insanely perfect combination ever! 'Skins' is easily the best show I've seen since '6 feet under'. Actually it doesn't piss me off as much as '6 feet under' did, so it's even better. I highly recommend it. It almost makes 'freaks and geeks' look boring and way too wholesome. If i had one complaint it would be the weird techno raves they go to. I guess British people are into that stuff. Whatever, it's still amazing.

Also, if you haven't watched 'the mighty boosh' you should probably do that too. It's cold as shit outside so just stay in and watch TV. ok.

this happend!

An angry fired Santa did this...no joke.

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