Monday, December 1, 2008

ok ok.

I know i haven't blogged in about a month but i have reasons.

Work has been killer, and i haven't taken any pictures because i left my camera at J. and R. Sheridan's about a month ago and even though i have seen them, and been over to their house on a couple occasions i have yet to retrieve it back from the gogo/church lair.

So in the mean time - a montage to keep you interested.


kickin' it old school said...

missing the beach =(

Your Mom said...

yes!!! u put fatty on the blog! i think im drunk in that pic...i think it was after brunch. shit.

Your Mom said...
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erin said...

man, funnest post evar, i wish you all were staying in town so we could re-live all these moments over champagne bubbly toasts.
xoxoxo have fun.

Juge said...

Lu, it's TIME to blog again.